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News and Events

Date News and Events
07-May-2024 Heatwave Preparedness and Mitigation Guidelines for Summer 2024
05-Jan-2024 Press Release (Procurement Cell, DGHS Office KP)
01-June-2023 Notice to the District Health Information System (DHIS) Project Staff
07-October-2022 Janitorial & Security services are required for the flood affected Districts
18-August-2022 WALK IN INTERVIEW (LHVs)
08-December-2021 EPI, "Newly Gavi 657 Vaccintore Appointment Orders Dated 07-12-2021"
02-December-2021 EPI, "Office Order Newly Appointed EPI Vaccinator"
01-December-2021 Nursing Section, "Nurses order"
05-Novemeber-2021 Provincial EPI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ,"Shortlisted candidates for the post of EPI Vaccinators, Interview will be started from Monday (8/11/2021) at 09:00 am in the office of Director General Health Services, office old FATA secretariat, Warsak Road Peshawar"
07-September-2021 LHV Posting Orders, "Strengthening of All BHUs across KP and Conversion of 200 BHUs into 24/7 & Rehabilitation of all RHCs and Conversion of 50 RHCs into 24/7"
6-July-2021 List of Interview for Shortlistged Charge Nurses BS-16 Under AIP Programme for Merged Districts
6-July-2021 Schedule For Interview for the Post of CHarge Nurse BPS-16 Under AIP Programme for Merge Districts
3-June-2021 Job Advertisement in Merged Districts/KP in Project Management Unit (PMU)
17-October-2020 1. District Forecasting Guidelines
17-October-2020 2. District Procurement Guidelines
17-October-2020 3. District Storage Guidelines
17-October-2020 4. District Transportation and Distribution Guidelines
25-March-2020 List of 1299 Medical Officers Contract Basis
20-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 20 March 2020
19-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 19 March 2020
18-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 18 March 2020
17-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 17 March 2020
16-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 16 March 2020
14-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 14 March 2020
05-March-2020 MOU between Department of Health and ETEA
05-March-2020 Health Emergency Notification
03-March-2020 Rain Prediction in central Parts of Country From Wedensday to Saturday
02-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 02 March 2020
01-March-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 01 March 2020
29-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 29 Feb 2020
28-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 28 Feb 2020
28-Feb-2020 COVID-19 Training Slide Deck
27-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 27 Feb 2020
27-Feb-2020 Dengue Control Measures
24-Feb-2020 Getting-workplace-ready-for-covid-19
26-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 26 Feb 2020
25-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 25 Feb 2020
24-Feb-2020 Coronavirus Disease Update 24 Feb 2020
30-April-2018 Two Month Training of Doctors
27-September-2018 Approved-List-of-Drugs-Medicines-etc-of-Govt-MCC-FY-2018-19
19-May-2018 Draft Technical Report for Selection and Rate Contracting for Air Conditions, Refrigerators and General item for FY 2017-2018
07-May-2018 Application form for registration with Blood Transfusion Authority
27-April-2018 Bid Evaluation Report of Different Dangue items by the Integrated Vector Control / Malaria Control Program KP
27-April-2018 Approved Rate List of RBC of Consumables (Kits/Antiseras) for the year 2017-2018